March 05, 2010

“Who me?” Yup, that’s what I thought to myself when Janie of The Bride’s Cafe contacted me to feature Khadeen and Devale’s Engagement session. I’m honored, because I’ve been to her blog prior to her contacting me and I know that she’s featured some really talented photographers. Not only that but she has really great infomation for people who are engaged, planning to get engaged, or just love to browse.

Janie is not only editor of The Brides Cafe but she’s also a floral designer and owner of  JM Flora Design’s. Talk about talented!

Take a look at the my feature here on Janie’s wedding blog.

Joshua Dwain Feature "The Brides Cafe"

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To Janie: thanks for featuring my work. They are an awesome couple and I’m glad you’ve given us the opportunity to share their love with others. You’re the best!

Forward Moving,

- Josh

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