Marnel & Matthew

Portland Oregon Engagement


My first engagement shoot  of 2011 was a joy! I could not have asked for a more exciting couple to shoot with, just what I needed to get me back into the groove as wedding season approaches. With Marnel & Matthew now residing in separate states (California & Oregon, respectively) at least two of us would have to travel for their engagement shoot. Of course we picked one of the rainiest cities in the country. You guessed it: Portland, OR. However, the rain held up just enough that we could capture their love.

It is ridiculous how vivacious they are. They fell in love at Howard University; Matthew enjoys pottery, Marnel loves to paint; they both love to run and have completed a few marathons; they salsa dance; they’ve driven across the county from east to west; and they love chicken and waffles. 🙂 I read a recent comment someone posted on Facebook, Marnel & Matthew are sporty, smart and definitely spicy. After spending a few days with them I decided that Anyeka and I need to find a new hobby.

Take a second and enjoy some of my favorites from their Portland engagement session.

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  1. I absolutely love these! FRESH! CLEAN! CHIC…

  2. They are one of my absolute favorite couples! The pictures are so beautiful, but pale in comparison to them. Still, great job at capturing their essence.

  3. Love these – I’m especially digging some of the wider shots; really cool. You killed it man.

  4. MNichole

    These pictures give me a BIG smile. Kudos to the photographer!

  5. Awesome job but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you sir!

  6. Janelle

    Absolutely beautiful Josh!! Had a LOTTA of faves with this couple as well! You seemed to have captured exactly what they’re all about and that’s what makes a great photographer!

  7. Megan

    Hello outdoors.

  8. Rosa E.

    I’ve looked a this website 20 times since I’ve gotten the link…and I just got it today! The pics are BEAUTIFUL! I loved all of them.

  9. Joshua – you did it with this one – I think this is the Best Yet – IMHO

  10. i love the unique perspectives and angles. You have such a talent for pulling people’s personalities in your images. Beautiful work!

  11. this is the best engagement session i’ve ever seen. variety. beautiful. fun. the pottery images are amazing. wow.

  12. They are too cute! Seems like they were made for each other! Absolutely gorgeous photos! Love it!

  13. They are too cute! I don’t now them from Adam but it seems like they were made for each other! Absolutely gorgeous photos! Love it!

  14. Doricah Ivayo


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